1. madewithpaper:

    Sydney Opera House in Progress

    Made With Paper by saif-kl-my


    1. When people tell me their faith is weak, I ask them, “Are you reading your Bible regularly?”
    2. “Not really.”
    3. “Are you studying the Bible?”
    4. “Well, not exactly.”
    5. “Are you memorizing Scripture?”
    6. “No.”
    7. “Well then, how do you expect your faith to grow?” The Bible says, “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing the Word of God.”

  3. clientsfromhell:

    Them: I need it 40x40.

    Me: 40x40 what? Centimeters? Pixels? Inches?

    Them: Yes.

    Me: Okay, I’ll make it a square (but in very high resolution) so you can basically resize it to whatever you want. How’s that?

    Them: Why a square?


  4. olympics:

    "The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning." - Pele

    Isn’t this just relevant to someone on their way to their victory.


  5. "Don’t you know you’re standing in the way of the light?"
    — Birdy - ‘Standing In the Way of the Light’

  6. When encouraging words don’t work anymore.

    I’m in that point in time.

  7. sosuperawesome:

    Lisa Congdon’s Print Shop

    I thought these things should grace my blog.

    (via goodtypography)

  8. And doesn’t it just suck.

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